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Salisbury House,


“This was a hugely complex project within a prestigious building located in the City of London with listed status.  It was hugely challenging for a variety of reasons which included a very narrow time window to complete. 


The contractor managed to overcome all obstacles put in front of them and completed the project by the required deadline, to the designed specification, safely and on budget. 


They also had excellent levels of communication with the site team and engaged regularly with building occupants keeping disruption to a minimum”. 


- Andrew Watts | Head of Facilities Management | WorkSpace

\ Salisbury House

Salisbury House is an impressive grade II listed building, situated in the heart of Finsbury Circus with Moorgate tube station just 50 metres away. Set over eight floors, Salisbury House offers stylish office and studio space.


Each space is flooded with natural light from the lightwells running throughout and the building culminates in a charming roof terrace with city skyline views.

Salisbury House

Our client workspace was unable to ensure continued safe operation of the existing boilers due to the failure of a circa 1400 diameter steel flue that our team suspect was installed post-war by the same welders who built boats.

The solution was complex, the existing flue could not be safely removed before the 19/20 heating season so the decision was made to install a new flue system in another lightwell to serve replacement boilers allowing the existing flue to be removed once the new boilers were operating.

The program was short, less than 8 weeks from tanking occupancy of the boiler room and turning the new boilers on in October 2019.

Salisbury House - Flue System

The new flue system was designed and order to delivered directly to the powder coaters to be colour matched to Salisbury house’s listed glazed bricks.

Inside Salisbury House...

Three existing boilers weighing circa 5 ton were hand dismantled and carried up the 42 steps to be removed overnight.

PHOTO-2019-12-13-12-21-22 2.jpg

The three new boilers Vaillant 280kw Eco crafts were delivered and a team of 6 manoeuvred down a rear staircase and through Salisbury’s narrow corridors over 2 nights.


A bespoke 300mm diameter header and distribution pipework were designed and build in Somerset to reduce the installation time on-site and delivered in September.


Welders and pipefitters then assembled the distribution manifold and header behind the boilers as additional teams constructed the stainless-steel flue system connection the 3 new boilers to the outside.


On the 28th of September, the new boilers were fired up ahead of schedule and commissioned by our own commissioning engineer.

\ Case Studies - Case Study One

Salisbury House,


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